OpenKey Agenda: June 12, 2003

Manning 304


Dr. Brad Hemminger from the SILS dept. spoke briefly about the new digital library initiative called CRADLE.  Dr. Hemminger is interested in harvesting the metadata from both PIC and Openkey. The OpenKey team is open to sharing, but cannot devote many resources to this end.


Action item: The team will revisit this topic at the July meeting.



  1. Budget—Sarah

a.       Faculty salaries and cost sharing have not been budgeted for July 1 onward. The team does not want to spend any more money on faculty budgets or cost sharing.


Action item: Sarah will notify Susan in the SILS office.


b.      Grant extension update: Bryan is writing a letter granting us an extension thorough August 2004.

c.        The question of how to handle Steve’s mandatory termination in September was discussed. The team considered hiring Steve as a contractor.


Action item: Sarah and Evelyn will look at the budget and determine how long Steve and Sarah can continue to be paid at their current rates.


  1. Distributed file storage—Sarah

a.       Bryan believes that we will be more in line with the goals of the grant if we have a distributed file system. Also, we need a central location to store al our files. Currently Steve makes three copies of all his files: 1 on his hard drive, 1 on bioarch, and 1 on ibiblio.  This system was deemed to be sufficient for backup and recovery.


Action item: Sarah will look into creating a space for anonymous FTP in the current OpenKey space on ibiblio. She will also draft a set of rules for naming conventions based on the system UIUC has already employed.


  1. Data creation progress—Steve and Sarah

a.       Plant records:  OpenKey will code 44 trees. 21 records are complete and have been sent to UIUC. 10 more records are complete on paper. Bryan wants record as those records are completed, so Steve will continue sending files as he progresses.

b.      Images:  Steve is developing a list of structures that are priorities for each tree. Lesley will begin scanning images from Radford et al and Steve will check out the copyright to see how we are allowed to use the images. Wendy Zomlefer did not respond to the 3 emails Sarah sent, so her book was deemed a lost cause. Steve has talked to Bill in the Botany Library about using out-of-copyright works. The USDA Web site may have some usable images.


Action item: Sarah and Steve will look at USDA Web Site.


c.       Metadata for images:  There is a need to define more precisely the image tags.


Action item: Steve will talk to UIUC about definitions.


  1. Web site —Sarah

a.       Comments on new design: The team generally liked the new design and suggested creating a banner using some of Steve’s digitized images.

b.      Should we delete project calendar and remove project notes from Web? The team decided to leave the notes, but delete the link to the project calendar.


Action item: Sarah will update the Web site.