Oxford Orphanage

In the early twentieth century the Orphanage had the capacity for 400 children. Daily life for students at the Orphanage was much like the life of any other youth: they first attended school in the St. John's College Building, then later in the John Nichol's School. Many city children chose to attend the school to take advantage of the half-day schedule the school maintained so Orphanage students could receive vocational training in the afternoon.

Athletic training was, and remains, a large part of student life at the Orphanage. The flowing clothing of the women's basketball team in the early 1920s gave way to the "Red Devil" football, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams. The Orphanage hosted Masonic Bowl Games and its 2-A team participated in State Championship tournaments.

For many years the Oxford Orphanage singing class travelled the state, giving performances for Masonic Lodge dinners and other such functions. The tours ended during World War II as part of the conservation effort.


O.O. Singing Class, 1912

Dinner, April, 1926

Nettie N. Bemis in her office
Nettie N. Bemis Personality Portrait

Royster Building Playground

Playroom - Royster? Dunn?

Oasis Swimming Pool, 1922-1988


The Royster Yard

Women's Basketball

Beasley Cleaners' Buggy(?)


Billy Crenshaw(?)
in front of the old office building

old tree on the girls'(?)
side of campus

the old Oasis swimming pool

Graduation Daisy Chain Processional,
led by E.T. Regan

Praying before dinner

Horse and Buggy (on the farm?)

Christmas Tree in the old Chapel, 1925

Church Nativity Scene

Fort Bragg Santa