Oxford Orphanage

Any young girl raised at the Orphanage had to serve time in the cafeteria before moving into other departments. Eventually girls were allowed to work in the previously male-only printing department, although none have opted for the plumbing and maintenance areas.

Time was, the Orphanage was nearly self-sufficient. The farm boys grew most of the food; it was all stored in the vegetable house and prepared by the kitchen girls. The older girls were responsible for laundry, sewing and ironing in the Benjamin Duke "Industrial" Building, which was destroyed in the mid-1980s. Younger boys learned to cobble shoes. Any student who needed clothing had only to go to the basement of the Administration building for whatever they needed.

The Bakery (Size: 58 k)

The Cobblers (Size: 193 k)

The Dining Room (Size: 61 k)

Ironing (Size: 86 k)

The Kitchen (Size: 43 k)

The Kitchen (Size: 84 k)

Milk Delivery (Size: 85 k)

Sewing (Size: 89 k)

The Storeroom (Size: 42 k)