Oxford Orphanage

Out with the old...

In 1995 money for a large enclosed basketball court was given to the Home. It was constructed on the site of the old John Nichols School; the foundation and library shelves were bulldozed and are buried beneath the court. The olympic-sized swimming pool seen above was built in 1988 behind Master's Cottage. It replaced the old Oasis Shrine swimming pool of the 1920s, which remains buried in its old location.
The Sallie Mae Ligon Archive, founded in the early 1990s by Pat Colenda, are housed in the Blue Lodge Vocational Building. The Archives are open weekly on Thursdays, and on special occasions such as Homecoming. Several hundred alumni return to the Home each year, where they may purchase prints from the archives, or watch the annual Homecoming soccer game.
The campus around the Administration building has changed greatly in recent years - picnic grounds have been constructed under the trees next to the Freezer Building, and both of the dinner bells have been dismantled and stored until the campus construction is completed. The old Oasis swimming pool area is now nothing but grass, and only the swingset and merry-go-round remain of the playground behind Masters' Cottage.
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