Oxford Orphanage

Eleven cottages house the 100 or so children at the Home. The cottages' arrangement in a large circle extending from the Administration building make the campus seem more like a small college than a childrens' home. The present cottages were built between 1965 and 1972, replacing the older cottages, which were literally crumbling of age.

Nine of the eleven cottages are identical, constructed of brick and cinderblock, with two floors of living space. The first floor consists of a living area and TV room, a study hall for the children, a hallway and kitchenette, a laundry room and apartment quarters for the counselor. The second floor of each cottage contains 16 dormitory-style bedrooms for students, and one central bath- and shower room.

Cottage   Construction Begun   Significance
Nettie Nichols Bemis   1965   Lady Supervisor, 1898-1931
Richmond Lee Brown   1964   Superintendent, 1910-1928
William J. Bundy   1967   Grand Master in 1946, from Greenville, N.C. Also long time member of Board of Directors.
Gracie L. Critcher   1972   Benefactor of the Home
R. C. Dunn   1929   Grand Master in 1928, from Enfield, N.C.
Robert L. Flowers   1969   Superintendent, served longest term on Board of Directors
Alan DeLeon Gray   1967   Superintendent, 1946-1973
Masters' Cottage   1951   Houses the Independent Living Students, was used for smaller boys.
Maurice E. Parham   1970   Treasurer and Business Manager for 45 years
Eli Troy Regan   1971   Served for 42 years as Teacher, Football Coach, Principal and Assistant Superintendent.
James E. Shipman   1967   Grand Master in 1942, from Hendersonville, N.C.
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