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Mar 8 2008

Life! Well, sorta. :) After some pretty serious RL issues, I've begun to return to work on the cookbook. I've also moved in an RL sense, and am in a much better place food-wise than I was before...so there will be some fundamental changes to the aim of the book as well, in the coming months. Originally, the goal was to simply find the least expensive method and still have food that tasted acceptably good. That has changed, what with some of the recent trends in food.

Now the goal is to find the best possible food at the best possible price -- even if that price is high. The primary goal in this is flavor, not expense. Since moving, I've been exposed to foods that can be obtained for not much more than the usual, and, well, it's changed a great deal of my perceptions on things.

For most of us, this won't equate to a huge change in the way the book looks or its content. However, there will also be a bit of a change of venue. The new website will be located at http://www.oscookbook.org and will hopefully provide us with a much better means of getting contributions going.

Jun 14 2005
Made some minor format changes to the front page, should be a little more self-explanatory of why we're here ;)
Apr 9 2005
Forums fixed.
Apr 3 2005
Forums are temporarily down. Sigh. I'm not going to spend all the time to disable all the forums links across each page. Just know that they're down for now and I really wish that some people had better ways to spend their time than cracking into my website.

I've started to collect a few quotes from the Pride of Oklahoma as a little aside - click here for those.

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