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Links and Stuff

Cookbook-related linkage

Good Eats Fan Page - A home for all of us who are truly addicted to Good Eats. Has complete scripts for shows that have aired on Food Network, along with much information on gadgetry and other neat stuff.

Hull Game Co. - [under some apparent hosting issues, their homepage results in a notice that their hosting fees are overdue :) ] - A game shop, located in Lincolnshire, England that is a good source for meats less often seen on your supermarket's store shelves.

Exotic Meats of Seattle - A similar shop for those of us in the U.S., where you can get everything from bear to goat to reindeer to snake if that's your kind of thing. Some of this gets rather expensive, so be prepared to shell out several extra bucks.

Archie McPhee - Home of the Freeloader Fork documented in the book, numerous other unusual kitchen items can also be found here, along with other...objects.

Open-Source Cookbook Mailing List - Follow this link to join up!

More personal stuff

Polymer City Chronicles - "Video Games, Big Chicks, Mad Scientists." A webcomic which is a cut above most, the artist, Chris Morrison, has some pretty serious skill with the pen. Updated twice weekly.

- Slashdot: Where it all started! Home of the post that got the cookbook off and rolling, the more than 500,000 users of Slashdot continue to bring us news for nerds, and stuff that matters.