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Quotations and Quips from the Pride
(but not necessarily during Pride)

(Disclaimer: If you don't get it, don't worry about it...)

"Boo! Bad teaching. Please hate me."
--- Mr. Britt, following a spectacularly awful move

(in a Darth Vader voice) "5...4...3...2...1."
--- Mr. Boone, in between sets

"One of these notes is not like the other."
--- Mr. Britt, after the band has a total train wreck while reading new music

(in a sheep's voice) "Baaaaaa....where's my spot?"
--- Mr. Britt, while the band mills around to try to find their place on the drill charts

"And in the words of the immortal Coach, 'People, it's Thursday.'" (followed by much cheering)
--- Mr. Britt, during one particularly rough week of practice

"Yay, no injuries!"
--- Mr. Britt, after we march from one set to another and barely make it out alive

"I warned you you'd need earplugs!"
--- Myself, talking to one unlucky freshman who had to endure the OU Club of Dallas pep band without earplugs.

"You're all first-chair in my eyes."
--- Mr. Britt, after a move that came off pretty well

"Don't ever call me William. Bill is okay, but I hate William. Or, you can call me Tim."
--- Bill Corder, freshman horn, on how to address him

"<expletives deleted>Um, I think I had a bit of an equipment failure."
--- Drum Major Clint Williams, in speaking to Mr. Britt after losing his hat to a broken chinstrap during the pregame show at Texas

"It's a happy song!"
--- Me, after playing the "Aladdin" segment of the movie medley during rehearsals

"You're all a bunch of orange cream puffs!!"
--- Kevin Dunn, to the UTEP football team during the 2000 season

"You're worse than UTEP!!"
--- Myself, to Iowa State's football team after they mustered only 4 yards of offense in the first half and only 60 for the whole game during the 2002 season

"It's 9:20 in the A.M.!"
"And Texas still sucks!"
"And David Clemmer just got here!"
--- trumpet section during the morning rehearsal at Texas (Rehearsal started at 9)

"And by the way, has anyone seen my shirt?!"
--- David Clemmer, having just woken up and arrived at the practice field on the morning of the Texas game

"1 full-length mirror, 1 working travel alarm clock, 1 shirt. Priceless."
--- contents and estimated cost of purchase on a purchase order posted back by the G.A. office.

"Don't sound like ass!"
--- trumpet section motto

"You don't have to be a hero in this band! If you want to be a hero, join the army and jump on a grenade!!"
--- Dave Campo, in speaking about horn angles

"Guys, when you do the to-the-rear, don't play, so we don't end up getting that 'RRRWORRRNGG' sound as you turn around. Please take that out."
--- Mr. Britt, as he explains the final count of the pass-thru drill for the Colorado show

"Oh, my God. We're gonna need extra sectionals for this one."
--- Mr. Boone, upon seeing the first run-through of the 6-to-5 pass-thru drill for the Colorado show

"Hey, band! It's cold!"
--- Drum major Clint Williams, stating the bleeding obvious during the Wednesday rehearsal for the Colorado show.

"Folks, let's start that tune the old-fashioned way of 'all together' rather than 'everyone start in a different place and scramble around trying to find each other.'"
--- Mr. Britt, following a nice little train wreck

"When you do that about face, side B, turn away from the 50 so you don't break your leg!"
--- Mr. Britt, trying to explain the importance of not crossing your feet over when doing an about face

"Seven freaking years I waited for this moment, and now I'm not around to enjoy it!"
--- Percussion assistant Troy Bennefield, a graduate of the University of Alabama, on the Tide's 34-14 win over Tennessee on the 26th of October.

"There is nothing sweeter than a come-from-behind win against Texas."
--- Myself, following a stunning 21-point 4th quarter against Texas.

"I'm not allowed to go upstairs when I'm drinking -- I never make it back down."
--- Katie, at the Chris 'N Chad Memorial Party

"Some of those lines look great -- others...yeah."
--- Mr. Boone, on the 6-to-5 drill for the Colorado Show

"Y'know, as I get colder, I get goofier."
"That's a scary thought."
--- Myself, followed by Elaine Wiseman's rather creeped-out response during a rather cold Pride rehearsal

"Is it bad when you stagger away from your spot after doing a turn, even when you're sober?"
--- Anonymous band member

"We're in VW-100 mode: You're in a VW Bug, going 100, and we don't know for how long. We need to be in Ferrari mode - smooooooth."
--- Mr. Britt, rehearsing the end of the fourth movement of the Giannini Symphony No. 3 for Band with the Symphony Band.

"OK, everyone, time-out. Look at the trees. Aren't they cool?"
--- Mr. Britt, as we try to record God Bless the USA with a plane overhead.

"I need a pencil. I have not a pencil to my name. I almost feel like going out and buying a lifetime supply of pencils just to fix that."
--- Mr. Boone, needing a pencil in the back room in the band office.

"Kids, there is one thing I love about not being the band director here -- and that's that I don't have to go to Stillwater!!"
--- "Coach" Gene Thrailkill, giving us a little pep talk before we go to OSU

"Folks, welcome to the Rust-Oleum Bowl."
--- Matt McDonald, as we enter Lewis Field at Oklahoma State

"Losing to OSU is like being hogtied and hung upside-down from a tree and poked with a fork. Painful and irritating."
--- Myself, after a heartbreaking 38-28 loss in Stillwater

The cold rolls on and on,
Hundreds strong stand in the cold
To freeze their hands away,
Of campus beautiful by day and night
A campus covered in a sea of white,
'Neath a slate-gray sky,
The Pride will come and try
To play their horns today!"
--- Myself, during a rehearsal where the temperature topped out at a whopping 29°F with a 5-10 mph wind

"This weather report brought to you by the Pride of Oklahoma."
--- Mr. Britt, after same rehearsal

(to a Go-Go) "Cold! Cold!
Cold! Cold-Cold!
Cold! It's really really cold!
Cold! Cold! FREEZE!" (followed by Boomer Sooner)
--- Ryan Lemons, improvising a Go-Go in the cold during rehearsal

"It's not the F tuning sequence, it's the F'ed Up Tuning Sequence!"
--- Bill Corder, following a tuning sequence in sub-freezing temperatures.

"They have a mouse on his bus."
"It's our mascot."
--- conversation between two bus drivers before we left for the Big 12 Championship

Disgruntled bus rider: "Tim, you're the bus captain, right?"
Tim: "Yeah..."
Bus rider: "So you have control over the movies, right?"
Cindy: "No, I do!!"
--- One of many famous "movie squabbles" on our many bus trips.

"Let me put it in perspective for you. It's like marching to Moore."
--- Mr. Britt, on the length of the Tournament of Roses Parade

"Don't you people have anything better to do than act like complete morons?!"
--- Matt MacDonald, to a thoroughly brainless Texas fan camped out along the Rose Parade route in Pasadena, who figured that it was better to heckle the Pride rather than support the Longhorns in their bowl game

"I've seen more prima donnas and jerks in the past 72 hours than I have in my entire lifetime."
--- Myself, after a thoroughly dismal welcome to Pasadena by our hotel, USC fans, and selected locals.

"Hallelujah, holy shit!"
--- Myself, after eating the most incredible Italian dinner at a little place called Buca di Beppo.

"My knees feel like jelly."
--- Anonymous clarinet player after finishing the 5.5 mile hike up Colorado Blvd. in the Rose Parade

"Man, if these were Pridewiches from here on out, sign me up."
--- Matt MacDonald, after getting the most incredible service from In-N-Out after the Rose Parade. They served us two hamburgers with all the trimmings, a nice, juicy Washington apple, and a can of pop. I'll take that any day!

"What a way to end a career with the greatest band in the world!"
--- Myself, after beating Washington State 34-14, to win what may have been Oklahoma's only Rose Bowl appearance.