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Submissions can be sent to the address below or by using the email form link above. Please include a reply address and a nickname you wish to be referenced by in the credits or the recipe, and whether you want your email address listed in the credits along with your nickname or not. Submissions containing no information in this regard will have the username in your email address used to give credit (for example, if your email address is "ace@goomail.com" the name used to give you credit in the book will be "Ace") and your email will not be placed in along with your recipe.

Note: I will use the email addresses received only as a response mechanism to clarify information in your submission or to notify you of acceptance/rejection of your submission. If I reject your submission, I will try to provide a good reason why (costs too much, takes too long, duplicates other recipes, etc.) and an opportunity to revise your submission. If you decide that revision is not a viable option, you have the option to pull your submission from the book. Note that even if you don't revise the submission you may still land in the book if I figure out a way to circumvent the problem I had with it originally. You will be notified should such a change happen. Your email address will be discarded upon acceptance of your submission, or your decision to pull a submission from the list.

Guidelines for submissions:

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Send submissions to the email address in the picture below:

Note: the picture has no link to keep spambots from harvesting my email address.