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XML DTD now in CVS on ibiblio
A CVS tree has been set up on ibiblio to handle version management of the OMF XML DTD. Point your CVS clients to or check out the CVS web interface.

Subscribe to the OMF discussion list
There have been some requests for an email discussion list about OMF. Well, go subscribe.

What is the Open Source Metadata Framework?
The OMF aims to collect data about Open Source documentation, or metadata, that will be used to describe the documentation. The idea is that the OMF will act as a sophisticated card catalog type of system for the numerous Open Source documentation projects that exist. The OMF offers a number of advantages over standard card catalog type systems, however. Chief among these is the fact that the OMF has been designed from the ground up to be completely open, standards based, and sharable. We will accomplish this by using pre-defined standards (XML and the Dublin Core description for metadata) and allowing all metadata generated to be accessed by anyone that wants it. Because the metadata itself is to be stored in XML files, anyone should be able to use it. If you still have questions, please try our FAQ or send questions to

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