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    Contact: Nik Clayton
    Homepage: http://www.freebsd.org/docproj/

    FreeBSD is a Unix-like OS for Intel and Alpha platforms, with the source code freely available under the BSD license.

    The project requires writers of all levels and abilities. You could document a subsystem of FreeBSD (such as the VM architecture). You could use existing documentation to help you use FreeBSD, and point out the problems and suggest rewrites to make it clearer. You could write documentation to aid converts from other systems (such as Linux, or Windows) when they first start to use FreeBSD. You could assist in translating the FreeBSD Documentation to other langauges. Or you could do something completely different.

    Related to FreeBSD, Daemonnews (http://www.damonnews.org/) and the FreeBSD 'zine (http://www.freebsdzine.org/) are also always looking for contributors.

    Also related is the FreeBSD Diary, which is always looking for writers to submit articles.

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