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    Contact: Jonathan Abbey
    Homepage: http://www.arlut.utexas.edu/gash2

    Ganymede is a team-oriented directory management system for networks. It is used to allow large groups of people to work together to manage NIS, DNS, and other network directory services. It is similar in some ways to Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's Novell Directory Services, except less scalable and more customizable.

    All of Ganymede's current documentation is in the form of loosely linked web pages, each covering one specific topic, such as installation, customization, server overview, etc. It would be very useful for someone to set about writing some documentation that could be printed, in book-style format. This documentation would ideally be written in some sort of open document language such as LaTeX or troff, and would integrate the existing documentation into a coherent whole with a framework for additional documentation to be added.

    More realistically, it would be very valuable for someone with decent writing skills and experience with systems administration to provide useful comments on the current documentation from the perspective of someone attempting to make use of the software and documentation as it is today. Ganymede is rather complex software, and integrating it with a real network environment is likewise complex, but we haven't been getting a lot of good feedback on our documentation.

    Some significant experience with system administration is a pre-requisite to working with Ganymede or its documentation.

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