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GNU Project

    Contact: GNU volunteer coordinators
    Homepage: http://www.gnu.org
    License: Most GNU software is under teh GNU General Public License (GPL)

    Project GNU, sponsored and supported by the Free Software Foundation, has been working on a free Unix-compatible operating system since the mid 1980s. Many of the results - Emacs, GDB, and GCC, for example - are in wide use today in free operating systems like GNU/Linux. Project GNU continues to work on maintaining existing software and developing a completely free software system, including components ranging from GNOME desktop, the Guile extension language, the GNUStep Project, and the Mach-based GNU/Hurd operating system, to less serious projects like NetHack and GNU Shogi.

    We can always use more help, either revising existing documentation or writing new. Write to us and ask how to get involved.

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