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    Contact: Roger Dingledine
    Homepage: http://www.seul.org

    SEUL is the Simple End-User Linux project. The end goal of SEUL is to have a comprehensive suite of high-quality applications (productivity applications as well as leisure/programming applications) available under the GNU General Public Licnese (GPL) for the Linux platform, as well as a broader base of educated users around the world who understand why free software is better. Note that we're not going to write these applications ourselves -- we are attracting people who want to, and providing them with a framework where they can work together, share ideas/users/members/publicity, etc.

    SEUL needs some help with advocacy documents and more independent documentation/technical writing projects. These include:

    • Why Linux, a well-regarded advocacy document that generates about a thousand hits per day, but that hasn't been updated for over a year.

    • Commercial Port Advocacy Howto, a guide for those looking to convince a company to port their software to Linux.

    • Free Software is Better, another advocacy document that describes the ideas behind free software, and also describes many of the arguments that companies and programmers consider when choosing whether to free their software.

    The SEUL project is looking for people to improve and update these documents.

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