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OSWG Style Guide

    Contact: Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, or Molly Ives Brower
    Homepage: this is it
    License: [tbd - probably the Open Publication License]

    The OSWG Style Guide will cover the following topics:

    Grammar - the OSWG Style Guide will not reinvent the wheel by writing a guide to grammar. However, the Style Guide will provide a preferred list of resources to allow writers a standard references set and possibly a brief guide to common errors in English.

    Formatting Conventions - the Style Guide will seek to provide conventions for formatting for commands, URLs, variables, etc.

    Standard Spelling / Word List - the Style Guide will cover standard spellings for words commonly encountered in writing Open Source documentation. (Is it e-mail or email? Gnome or GNOME?)

    Standard References - when writing an Open Source document, the author will often wish to cite his or her sources or point the reader to a more complete document. The Style Guide will decide on a standard for references and bibliographic entries (MLA, Chicago Style, APA, or ???) and also create templates for references that the standard reference guide does not contain. (Anyone know of a standard that covers man pages?)

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