The Etudes opus 10 and 25 played by Martha Goldstein --- Pan 107

The Erard piano used in this recording, serial no. 22,657, was built in Paris (1851), 2 years after Chopin's death. It is the size of a Steinway model B, but weighs only 450 lbs. about half the weight of the Steinway. The decrease in weight is due to a wooden frame with iron supports rather than an iron frame in a wooden case. The pitch stability of the instrument is poor - changing with the weather or vigorous playing. The hammers are light and the action is fast and stiff. The dynamical scale of the instrument is smaller than the modern grand. The greatest volume is less than half that of the model B. while the model B can be played more softly with reliability. For delicacy and clarity the Erard has the upper hand. The comparison is like that of a sports car to a touring sedan.

The piano was owned by Glenn D. White of Seattle. It was restored to playing condition by him and Allen Goldstein. Minimal changes were made in the restoration so that the piano is in no sense modernized. The hammers and action are original.