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Jackson Park/Chimney Rock Warblers


With my wife gone to the UK this week, and me alone with my two little rugrats, I finally got a minute to post my sightings from Saturday in the NC mountains.  

First, I visited Jackson Park in Hendersonville, and along with the special sighting of the Yellow-crowned Night Heron I picked up the Northern Waterthrush, and the Hooded Warbler for my warbler list.  I also got a great look at a Yellow Warbler at the spot where Wayne and Ron had the Heron.

>From there I went to Chimney Rock State Park, and saw the following:

Swainson's Warbler (my second sighting ever, and by far my best look!!)  Heard three birds, saw one.
Black-throated Blue
Black-throated Green
American Redstart
Northern Parula

Went to the Parkway for the Cerulean, but was too late in the afternoon.  Eric Dean and I are going to Warbler Road in Virginia this Saturday, and I'm looking for the Canada, Chestnut-sided, Cerulean, Blue-winged, and Golden-winged.

Brian K. Pendergraft
Falls Lake, NC