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Big Day

Bob Olthoff and I did a Big Day count on Sunday.  Naturally the day AFTER the 
CBC meeting was drop dead gorgeous.  I must say that the people who were in 
the Chimney Rock group on Friday, when the park was closed until after 10 
because of  power outage from downed lines, and on Dillingham on Saturday, 
when you often couldn't see your hand in front of your face because of the 
fog, were absolutely wonderful and very patient with the conditions.  Please, 
if you have a chance, come back to these places when the weather is better.  
You won't be dissapointed.  They are a couple of the most beautiful places 
around here.
  So anyway, back to Big Day when conditions were perfect, Bob and I got 115 
species (we limit ourselves to Buncombe and Henderson counties).  Most 
notables were a couple of Red Crossbills at Balsam Gap (yes Dillinghamers, we 
were there on Saturday and the Crossbills weren't - of course we could 
actually see the tree tops on Sunday), a Sedge Wren at the Arboretum (very 
unusual in the mountains), and a couple of Forsters Terns at Lake Julian.  We 
had 23 species of Warbler including passers-through Tennessee, Cape May, and 
Blackpoll (lots).  Most notable warbler miss was Kentucky.  Our sure-fire 
Kentucky was blocked by a rock slide.  Our most embarrassing miss was 
Red-bellied Woodpecker.  I guess we were taking them too much for granted and 
they were being quiet.
  One last note, Willow Flycatchers are starting to come in.  We had a couple 
on Sunday.
Marilyn Westphal
Hendersonville, NC