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Request for field trip leader - Stokes Cnty, NC

I received this request via the Carolina Bird Club web site.  Please respond 
directly to Robert (miresidechat@mindspring.com) if you think you can help 
lead a field trip this weekend coming up.  

(I had some problems getting this msg to post --- I apologize if anyone gets 
it twice.)

<< I am a member of CBC and the Mecklenburg Audubon Society who had earlier 
been asked to 
lead bird walks on Saturday and Sunday mornings, May 11-12. These are part of
a Sierra Club gathering at Camp Sertoma in Stokes County, NC near Hanging 
Rock State Park. But late
developments beyond my control have seriously jeopardized my ability to
attend. I am writing to inquire if by chance any member(s) could be 
interested in and able to lead these walks in my place. If you have a
way of contanting members to see if anyone is interested and able, it would be
much appreciated. Thank you for any assistance.

Robert R. Jones >>

Russ Tyndall
Wake Forest, NC
CBC Web Site Editor