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Re: Probable Dairyland Dickcissel

Wednesday afternoon I was out at Anilorac(on Dairyland
Rd.) with Marsha Stephens and we saw the bobolinks,
grasshopper sparrows, warbling vireos, orchard
orioles, indigo bunting, blue grosbeak, yellow
warbler, green heron, kingbird but no dickcissel.
Hope the little male shows if she is there! Not much
luck of finding another male 'round here. Was she in
the grasses or on the phone line?

--- Kent Fiala <fiala@ipass.net> wrote:
> I stopped by Dairyland road this evening and got a
> few poor glimpses of
> what was likely a female Dickcissel in the vicinity
> of last year's
> nest.  I still have not heard a singing male this
> year.  Bobolinks are
> still present.  I may have seen a couple hundred and
> that was probably
> not all; they kept coming from out of sight over a
> hill.  I also heard a
> Warbling Vireo and of course Grasshopper Sparrows,
> and I also saw an
> Osprey plunge into the pond and come up with a fish!
> -- 
> Kent Fiala
> near Chapel Hill, NC

Kate Finlayson
N. Chatham Co.,N.C.

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