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Re: RFI: Sabine's Gull Pronunciation

Hi Folks,

The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that his name should be 
pronounced by stressing the first syllable and pronounce it rhyming 
with "stab" and the second syllable rhymes with pine.

Sir Edward was an interesting guy (abbreviated from 

"Born: 14 October 1788, Dublin, Ireland
Died: 26 June 1883, Richmond, Surrey, England

Education: Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, London

Edward Sabine was an Irish geophysicist, astronomer, and explorer, 
who made extensive pendulum measurements to determine the shape of 
the earth, and established magnetic observatories to  relate sunspot 
activity with disturbances in terrestrial magnetism.

A Fellow since 1818, Sabine served as the Royal Society's president 
(1861-71), Sir Edward Sabine was knighted in 1869. The Sabine gull 
was named after him. His brother, Joseph Sabine (1770-1837) was a 
noted botanist."

He did not discover the gull, but it was named after him by his 
brother Joseph who, by sharing the same surname, also became 
immortalized in the annals of science!

Couldn't find a Bachman pronunciation, but as Julian Harrison knows 
how the family says it, he's going to be on the money.

Also check out 
http://www.uiowa.edu/~nathist/Site/whatsinanamebiographies.html for 
all those interesting facts on your immortalized bird taxonomy heroes.

Not seen much in the way of birds lately, just a pair of house wrens 
waking me up every morning: new "yard" bird too!

Steve Perry

Receptor Biology Lab, Duke Uni Med Center, Durham, NC