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Re: 6/2 A.C. Snow column & birds' eggs

Anne, I suspect the critters in question were not Song Sparrows, but House
(or English) Sparrows, a horrible nuisance, and a very strong competitor for
Bluebird houses. I have heard of people boiling the eggs to achieve the same
Alex Netherton, the Appalachian Naturalist
Asheville, NC
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Subject: 6/2 A.C. Snow column & birds' eggs

[I tried to find an online link to this column in the News & Observer,
but I failed)

Did anyone else see in the (Raleigh) News & Observer today (6/2) A. C.
Snow's column, "Quality of Compassion not Strained, just Uneven"?

Toward the end, Mr. Snow describes his dilemma:  Song Sparrows have
nested in his bluebird house.  When he described the nest to his
[unnamed] "birdlife consultant," Snow received the following advice
(direct quote from the column):

"They're sparrows for sure!  Rip out the nest at once!" he advised.

"No, wait!  Don't!" he said in the next breath.  "That will only enrage
them and send them on the warpath, attacking other birds, raiding their
nests and killing their young.

"Instead, waith until they've finished laying.  Then quietly remove two
eggs and put them in your freezer overnight.  Then replace those and do
the same with the other two.

"This way, the parents will be sitting on the eggs all summer, or most
of it, waiting futilely for the eggs to hatch, instead of out
terrorizing the neighborhood, building in one of your other boxes and
producing more sparrows."

Now tell me, PETA, if I engage in such cruel deception, am I likely to
incur the wrath of the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Unwanted Song
[end quoting]

I don't know about the rest of you, but that sounds really creepy to
me.  Any thoughts on this?

Anne Lurie
NE Raleigh