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Greenville SC County Bird Walk

Simon Thompson of Ventures. Inc. will be leading a walk for the Greenville 
County Bird Club this Saturday. We will be going to Warrier Mountain in Polk 
County, NC. I have birded this spot for several years and it can turn up 
numerous warbler species and Scarlet Tanagers. The meeting place is in front 
of the Staples in the Peachtree Center in Greer, SC. This is on the corner 
of Highway 29 and South Buncombe Road. If someone is coming in from another 
direction email me. Also, since we will be driving by the "developing" Heron 
Rookery I discovered a few weeks ago, I was going to stop there briefly on 
the way back. The juveniles have fledged and were flying around the marsh 
last weekend. Also, I discovered several Brown-Headed Nuthatches nesting in 
cavity trees in the middle of the marsh.   

Linda Sharp
(864) 268-9409
Greenville, SC