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A web site I found while looking for plans for a Great Crested Flycatcher
box (never found any), but addresses the troubles House (or English)
Sparrows can cause;

On another note, it seems as though every hobby has its own codes. I am a
Ham Radio (Amateur Radio Service) Operator, but I doubt anyone would know
what I said if I told you the Bluebirds were still at the QTH, and had not
decided to QSY. Of course, in order to get licensed, I had to learn these,
plus, at the time I had to learn International Morse Code, and no, I shan't
put any of that in this QSO.
Point is, since I am at another hobby here, I must be polite and not use
these in this message (QSO is conversation, QTH is my location, and QSY
means to change frequency, but is used in slang for going to another QTH),
as few would understand them, and most would get irritated.

The Bluebirds are still here, and mom casts a beady eye on me whenever going
into the house. She sits on the small perch provided, and gives me "the
hairy eyeball" when I am sitting on my front porch swing, as if to say "keep
yer distance, feller". They are such a meek and shy group, the web site I
put at the start of this message scared the bejabbers out of me.

On another note, I looked in on a nest box in my parents' yard, and found
lots of nesting material and 4 Titmouse eggs, all broken, seemingly from a
single peck, possibly from the House Wren who seems to be in the area. I
cleaned the box out..... Hope he is satisfied. Thankfully (cross fingers,
toes, legs, arms, and anything else available, and knock on wood) I haven't
seen any House Sparrows in the neighborhood. A few fly overs from Starlings,
but none in the yard (so far, see above).
Saw a pair of Towhees on the Municipal Golf Course yesterday, male and
female, neither of which had a green tail. (Rufous Sided we used to call
Not much else going on.
For those into bird boxes, I found loads of info by going to
http://google.com and entering "great crested flycatcher nest box". Never
did find out how to build one... Going back there now.
Good Birding!
Alex Netherton, the Appalachian Naturalist
Asheville, NC