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RFI: Outer Banks Birding Companion

Hello Carolina Birders---

	I'm a birdwatcher from Iowa and will be visiting the NC coastal
region near the end of July.  I am looking for birding hints/tips,
locations, and/or someone that would be willing to show me around and do
some birding with me.  I will be staying in Corolla (north end of Outer
Banks) from July 23-26 (Tue-Fri) but will probably only be available to do
some birding on Wednesday and Thursday.  I've already got some information
on locations and an excellent guide for the region.  What I really need is
someone to bird with that knows the various birds on the coast (I've never
birded outside of Iowa yet)!  If you could help me out in any way, please
reply to this E-mail address.  I appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks in advance---
Jay Gilliam
Norwalk, IA