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Re: Low Country birding


Those swallows that you saw at Bear Island where probably Bank Swallows, not
Northern Rough-winged Swallows. They congregate at Bear Island in large
numbers at this time of year.

Robin Carter
Columbia, SC

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Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 10:17 PM
Subject: Low Country birding

> Dear Carolina Birders,
> I had a wonderful day birding in the SC Low Country with Bruce Krucke. We
> spent the morning on a bird walk at Caw Caw Reserve, guided by Perry
> After a short respite, Bruce and I drove around Bear Island, part of the
> Basin wildlife refuge. I would like to share some of the highlights of our
> trip.
> Caw Caw:
> --a pair of Louisiana waterthrush zoomed by like sparring hummers
> --a raccoon sleepily peeking at us from a hollow tree
> --indigo and painted buntings galore
> --several blue grosbeaks, a loggerhead shrike
> --a blue-gray gnatcatcher nest
> --a pair of juvenile yellow-crowned night herons
> --lots of greater and lesser yellowlegs
> --solitary, spotted, western, least, pectoral, and stilt sandpipers
> --upwards of 50 bluebirds
> --Mississippi and swallow-tailed kites
> Bear Is.:
> --egrets, herons, terns, ibis, and storks in astonishing numbers;
> draining of adjacent wetlands killed many of the fish
> --common moorhens and black-necked stilts
> --red-headed, red-bellied, downy, and pileated woodpeckers
> --several fox squirrels
> --yellow-throated, pine, Kentucky, and hooded warblers
> --summer tanagers and great-crested flycatchers
> --close to 1000 rough-winged swallows along one stretch of wire
> Leah
> p.s. Perry and Bruce, please fill in any blanks that I forgot!
> Leah Campbell
> Blackstock, SC
> leahcam@lycos.com
> faeriemaiden@hotmail.com
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