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Bobolink at Dobbins Cattle Farm

Today Barb and I did a quick look at Dobbins Cattle Farm near Townville,SC.
We saw at least 200 Bobolink,most of which were well into winter plumage
transition. A rather ratty looking lot. Also had singing Indigo Bunting, a
Blue Grosbeak, Red Tailed Hawk, another raptor sp., lots of singing
Grasshopper Sparrow. there were no shorebirds on either pond. A Great Blue
Heron was perched in the very top of the huge tree in the pasture. the
single Eurasean Collared Dove was also at Prather Gin Farm on Prather Gin
     Bob and Barb Maxwell, Greenville, SC.
   P.S. Thanks again for all who continue to send well wishes and Prayers
for Barb as we go to M.D.Anderson Hospital in Houston on Saturday.