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Re: mea culpa

Carolina Birders:

I'm a bit surprised that Buddy Garrett feels he has to apologize for 
starting a discussion of CBCs and Audubon's mission on this listserv. 
How can counting birds, science, and conservation not be fair game 
for this group?

I was out of town and didn't read all the earlier postings, but I 
sure didn't see anything that qualified as a "fracas" in the last 
couple of posts. Ann Shahib's email (and mine following it) simply 
presented some facts: CBCs are real science, and Audubon is doing 
good work on behalf of conservation.

Am I missing something here?

Rob Bierregaard

>Dear Carolina Birders,
>I assure you that it was not my intent to start a thread on CBC's, the
>Audubon Society or anything else. I simply thought it would be fun to go
>to the Outer Banks, the week after Christmas, like I used to. To be
>associated with birders would make it even more fun. Ms Moore sent me
>the CBC dates, promptly. I can't believe this is still going on. Now I
>know why I quit posting to Carolina Birds. US Airways had some REAL
>cheap seats, non-stop to London, so I will spend that week birding in
>the UK. No CBC/Audubon fracas "over there"!
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