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Lake Crabtree 10/6

Not a bad morning at Lake Crabtree County Park in Wake County, NC.  The
front that moved through last night seemed to bring some birds.  I had 13
species of warblers, 2 others were seen by Kent Fiala and John Dole.

Almost as interesting, we had 2 species of terns including a group of 10
Caspians.  The Caspians and a pair of Forsters came in circling like hawks
in a kettle before settling down for some fishing.

Here are the warblers:

Cape May (several nice males as well as some paler individuals)
N. Parula
Black-throated Blue
Black & White
American Redstart
Yellow-rumped (aargh...  they came in overnight in force)
Common Yellowthroat

John relocated the Wilson's Warbler, and Kent/John both saw a Black-throated
Green that I missed.

Several Ruby-crowned Kinglets showed up as well.

Have a great week!

Steve Shultz
Apex, NC