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Falls Lake, Sunday Morning, Oct. 6

Hi Folks,

Checked out Falls Lake this morning, I wanted to see the Golden-Plovers 
Mike S. had on Saturday. Found them at Olive Grove Peninsula area with 
Black-bellied for nice comparison. Not much else there except some 
Pectorals. Did finally find some shorebirds at the creek which runs 
parallel to I-85 on the east side up toward Will Suitt Rd. Here was a 
very good flock of 51 Stilt Sandpipers, some of both Yellowlegs, more 
Pectorals, some Leasts, a Western, and 7 Dunlin. Had a sub-adult 
Peregrine Falcon harassing the birds throughout the morning. This was a 
different bird from the two seen last weekend!  About the only other 
interesting thing was that there was a small flight of Flickers moving 
from the northern end of the Olive Grove Peninsula out over the river to 
the far shore. With them was one Dickcissel, a pretty good bird to get as 
a fall migrant here. Also had three Caspians and one Forsters Tern over 
the lake near Cheek Rd. Winter birds are definitely coming in now, had 
both kinglets, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and both Song and Swamp Sparrows.  
Anyway it was a very enjoyable, pleasant day of birding with the cooler 

Later, Ricky

Ricky Davis
Rocky Mount, NC