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Re: inside jokes for birders

I believe I saw recently in a review of "Die Another Day" that Ian Fleming
mentioned the ornithologist in one (or more) of his novels  --  and that
this move has a sly reference to that.  (I'm not sure about the reference in
Fleming's novels; if I read any of them, which I don't recall, it was before
I was a birder.  In any event, the "in joke" would have gone way over my

As for Bond posing as an ornithologist  --  well, it *would* be a way to
explain the use of binoculars!

Anne Lurie
Raleigh, NC

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Subject: inside jokes for birders

> From a question and answer column by Roger Ebert:
> Q. In a scene from the new James Bond movie, "Die Another Day," I believe
> saw Bond pick up "A Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies". It is a
> well-known fact that Ian Fleming took the name of one of the authors of
> book, James Bond, and used it to name his secret agent that would later
> acquire worldwide fame as a film franchise. Is this an unbelievable
> coincidence, an intended homage, or am I incorrect in my information or
> seeing things?
> Daniel Robinson, Scarsdale, N.Y.
> A. No, yes, and you are not.
> I havent seen the movie but JB apparently poses as an ornithologist at one
> point.
> Bruce Young
> bruce.young@edtsi.com
> Durham, NC