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Umstead State Park

As luck would have it, a week after I make a personal commitment to bird Big Lake and Lake Sycamore each week through the winter, the park is severely damaged in the ice storm. I talked to a park employee on the phone this AM. He said the damage appears worse than Hurricane Fran and they would be closed until ......???. I hope that is more perception than reality. They are also still powerless, as are half my neighbors.

Anyway, here are the results from last weeks count (Dec.1)
Great Blue Heron1
Canada Goose5
Ring-neck Duck34
Hooded Merganser12
Ruddy Duck36
Nothing out of the ordinary on land.

I was able to hike the west side of Lake Crabtree and do a drive-by at Brier Creek today. Very quiet.
Canada Geese 25
Ring-bill Gull 320
GB Heron 3
DC Cormorant 9
Hooded Merg 11
Ruddy Duck 3
Mallard 2
Ring Neck Duck 31

Kestrel 1

and a Sharpie in my apple tree.

Peace and Happiness
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