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Sapsucker / Brush Piles

Has anyone ever seen Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers hawk insects on the fly?

And to second what Josh mentioned, the sticks downed from the ice storm can
certainly be put to good use.  I've been caretaking small plots of our woods
at a time, collecting groups of the downed limbs and making small
piles/habitats out of them.  I break them up somewhat evenly and lay them in
layers going straight then sideways then straight etc.  Then I jump on top
to pack it all down.  After a good pile is built up I cover it with leaves
to better insulate it, hoping more rodents and insects will find good homes
there.  This of course attracts snakes and other predators like hawk, fox,
and owl later.  Fun to do, seems like it helps the woods out a bit too,
brings more life or energy to one spot.  Like Josh said too, I've seen a lot
of birds foraging around them.  I place a few sticks in the habitat sticking
straight up to give them some perches up above it.  

Take care, Craig Armstrong / Chapel Hill