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Winter 2003 CBC in Washington

Hi all,

With apologies to all for incomplete information going out, here are 
a few updates to the meeting information for the upcoming event in 
Washington, NC.

The meetings themselves will begin at 8 PM each day (Friday and 
Saturday).  Those folks going on all-day and afternoon trips will 
have plenty of time to make the meetings.

The morning and all-day trips will be leaving at 7:30 AM from the 
Washington Convention Center parking lot, the afternoon trips will 
leave at 1 PM.  Please be aware that this part of North Carolina is 
relatively sparsely developed - attendees on all-day trips need to 
bring their own lunches with them, as the likelihood of finding 
something nearby is very slim.  Washington itself has a good 
supply of restaurants, and there will be a some materials 
suggesting dining possibilities in the registration packets.

As always, please do not hesitate to ping me directly with any 
questions you may have about the meeting, and I look forward to 
seeing everyone there.

Good Birding,


Sandy Cash
Durham, NC