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Re: Birding Software

AviSys has this capability for Palm devices, but not for Pocket PCs. You download a checklist into the Palm, check off your sightings, then upload the sightings into Avisys. The Palm software used is J-File http://www.land-j.com/jfile.html although only the older version 4 is supported.

I've written about my enthusiasm for the Avisys/Palm interface at
http://www.duke.edu/~cwcook/chbc/b0104.pdf (requires Acrobat reader).

LenKopka@aol.com wrote:
Does anybody know if AviSys has the capability to download and upload sighting records and checklists into a handheld PDA ?

Len Kopka
Simpsonville, SC

Kent Fiala
near Chapel Hill, NC