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suet feeders

I've noted several people reporting "firsts" at their suet feeders lately. 
 We've been in our home for 9 years now and have provided suet, usually 
year-round, the basic store bought peanut concoction, for the duration. 
Although we've had bluebirds in our boxes for years, last week was the 
first time we have seen them visit our suet feeders.  Indeed, there can 
now be 3 at once crowding the block.  Also a first this winter, we have a 
brown thrasher visiting the suet, the one hanging from the third story of 
the house, no less.  It's comical to see this large  bird who's more 
comfortable on the ground maintaning his grip to eat.  Also, yesterday, a 
YS flicker (not a first, but not usual).

I'm wondering what they're putting in the suet these days.

Our usuals were all there yesterday, too: chickadees, titmice, YR warbler, 
pine warbler, carolina wren, WB and BH nuthatches, downy and red-bellied 
WPs.  The house and goldfinches, and cardinals pretty much stick to the 
sunflower seeds.

Wendy S. Painter
Chapel Hill, NC