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Re: Mockingbird Behavior

       Hello, Carolina birders. I'm reading the mockingbird post from my home 
in New York.
       I teach second grade and our class participates in Cornell's Project 
Feederwatch. We have a mockingbird coming to our feeding station too.  I've 
maintained a feeding station at my school from September til June for 9 years 
now. This is a first! The bird started coming about 2 weeks ago. It doesn't 
make a daily appearance, but in the last week has become more regular.
       Our mockingbird eats mostly from the tray feeder, where we put bread, 
black oil sunflower seed, and sometimes donuts. Thursday, the mockingbird was 
hanging from our donut basket, pecking away. We know it has eaten the bread 
also. I'm not sure about the seed. We'll probably have to lower the tray 
feeder before we can answer that.
       We checked for the occurrance and frequency of the mockingbird in 
other Feederwatch regions. It represents <10% of the reports from each of the 
the 4 or 5 regions we checked, with all regions we checked reporting no more 
than between one and two birds at a time, statistically that is. 

Susan Joseph
Rhinebeck, NY