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Partial Albino House Finch at Charlotte Nature Museum

Peering out the window for the first time this morning at the museum, I saw
an albino House Finch perched on the feeder along with another
normally-pigmented House Finch. Its eyes were pigmented, legs were pink, and
its plumage was uniformly white with a slight buffy tint on the coverts. I
thought of all the possibilities, and given that it was feeding with other
House Finches on the feeder, I feel pretty certain of its identification. I
don't think its a weird Canary or some other domestic product, but of course
this looms as a possibility also. Particularly, I don't feel as if it could
be some other species of wild bird.

I hope that migrant warblers display the same enthusiasm for suet cake as
our Pine Warblers presently do. They visit the feeder numerous times
throughout the morning.

Eric Harrold
Charlotte, NC