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  Sorry. This is a post about common species, but its all i see nowadays
since i am tied to my computer finishing my thesis. I read the postings
about the t-billed murre and others and it makes me very jealous.
  Anyhow, last night i sat out and watched our feeders for an hour or
so. Was rewarded with a BROWN-HEADED NUTHATCH, the first to visit us. It
came in with the two white-breasted nuthatches that are regulars. And
then, everything got scared off as a flock of 50-60 BROWN-HEADED
COWBIRDS came down and camped out over the backyard! I was disappointed,
but interested. I didnt realize that they flew around in such big flocks
(herds?). Made we realize that all those flocks of black birds are i see
flying over all the time arent just blackbirds or grackles (though i am
not sure there are big flocks of those either!).

Dave Hewitt
Raleigh, NC
Dave Hewitt
North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Zoology Department
Campus Box 7617
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC  27695
email: dave_hewitt@ncsu.edu