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FW: Bob Holmes-#400 NC

 Will, Thanks for returning this message to me.  Hopefully I hit the right
address button this time.     Jim

> [Original Message]
> From: JAMES WARD JR <jw1118@coastalnet.com>
> To: carolinabirds-owner <carolinabirds-owner@duke.edu>
> Date: 3/19/2003 8:18:46 PM
> Subject: Bob Holmes-#400 NC
> I know that Bob Holmes doesn't use a computer but I want to give him my
heartfelt congratulations for reaching # 400 In NC. He now belongs to quite
an elite group. I have enjoyed birding with Bob and wish I had more
opportunities to do so . He certainly is one of the most devoted, gracious
birders inNC.  Wade I hope you will  pass along to him this e-mail and
others which I'm sure will be directed to his accomplishment  I personally
have quite a ways to go to reach this birding milestone but I'm working on
> Good birding,
> Jim Ward
> Oriental, NC