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Re: Orioles

Orioles do not show up in WI until May, so I don't think your orioles leave
this early..more likely that they find other foods more to their liking once
the trees begin to leave out & insects become more available.

-- Helmut C Mueller

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> From: Lois Snavely <snavely4@sccoast.net>
> Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:56:47 -0500
> To: carolinabirds@duke.edu
> Subject: Orioles
> For 5 days, all warm, none of the 5 orioles that visit the suet showed up
> and I was going to announce they had left, (3/17), but as I write this,
> (3/30 PM) with a 39 degree cold wind  blowing and a light drizzle, I looked
> out and a brilliant male was on the feeder. So we wait.
> Ernest Snavely,  Loris, SC 29569