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Re: Plenty of Pileateds

Mike S. wrote:

So, I guess my question is whether anybody else is noticing more Pileateds
than usual, or is this simply a matter of spending time where the birds
happen to be? Personally, I find the prehistoric looks of the Pileated
woodpecker make it visually stunning and oddly fascinating.
my impression(and Will could probably put numbers on this) is that both spring and Xmas
area bird counts have shown steadily increasing Pileated nos. for the last decade (although
this could always be an artifact of more birders better covering more areas). Places I frequent
were showing increased nos. for about 8 yrs. and then the last couple yrs. seem way down, hopefully
just dumb luck on my part -- I'm amazed every spring at the no. of strangers and nonbirders I run
into who've had Pileateds in their yards and feeders!!
And YES!, clearly the MOST STUNNING bird of the forest! : - )


**Rob Gluck......... Chapel Hill,NC......... thrush@hotmail.com

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