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Fw: Common Loon, Guilford Co., NC

Has anyone seen this bird again?

Kristin Kennedy

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Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2003 8:57 PM
Subject: Common Loon, Guilford Co., NC

> Carolina Birders:
> Lynn and I spotted a Common Loon in Guilford Co. on Saturday, April 12,
> it was seen again today (Sunday) in the same location by other birders. It
> seems healthy. It is about two-thirds through its molt into alternate
> plumage. Oddly, it is in a pond near the airport rather than in one of our
> larger lakes, just east of the intersection of US 68 and US 441 (Market
> on Burgess Rd. across from the building marked 212.
> Dennis Burnette
> Greensboro, NC
> burnetted@aol.com