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Chucks & Swans

We had Chuck-will's-widows calling from behind our Myrtle Beach home two
nights ago.  I'd been wondering when they should show up again.

On an unrelated note, the number of Mute Swans in our area is either getting
better or worse depending on your point of view.  I had a total of 25
yesterday as I was out and about.  Can someone tell me the status of that
bird here locally?  They are definitely breeding here as many were on nests.
Additionally, their numbers are most certainly on the rise.  Three years ago
I could expect to see maybe three or four at the most on a given day.  I
understand that they are an introduced species and that they can be a real
problem as they've proven to be to our north.  Are they protected?  Should
they be removed?  When is such a species determined to be established.  Just

Ritch Lilly
Myrtle Beach, SC