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Re: Lumber River Birds

I also paddled the lumber this weekend (Lumber river state park to Nichols, SC). We had similar migrants, but a few additions.

Prothonotary Warbler (~1000?)
N. Parula (~500)
Yellow-throated Warbler (~200)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (~200)
Yellow-throated Vireo (~150)
Great-crested Flycatcher (~150)
White-eyed Vireo (~75)
Red-eyed Vireo (~50)
Myrtle Warbler (~50)
Hooded Warbler (~25)
Summer Tanager (~25)
Acadian Flycatcher (~10)
Louisiana Waterthrush (~10)
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (10)
Common Yellowthroat (5)
Wood Thrush (5)
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (5)
Prairie Warbler (1)
Blue Grosbeak (1)

Jeffrey D. Esely 
Conservation Science Specialist
Division of Natural Resources
Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department
9401 Plaza Rd. Ext.
Charlotte, NC 28215
(704) 432-1390

>>> "Nathan M. Bacheler" <nmbachel@unity.ncsu.edu> 04/21/03 08:34AM >>>
Spent Easter weekend canoeing a 30-mile stretch of the Lumber River, 
between Lumberton and Fair Bluff, NC (near the SC border). Although the 
diversity of birds was fairly low, the few species present were 
extremely abundant. Listed are the birds that were seen or heard:

N. Parula (~100)
Louisiana Waterthrush (~100)
Black-and-white Warblers (~100)
Prothonotary Warblers (many)
Yellow-rumped Warblers (few)
Red-eyed Vireos (3)
Barn Swallows and many nests, under Highway 74 bridge
Barred Owls (20-30), yappin all day and night
Wood Ducks (8)
Great Egrets (4)
GB Herons (3)

On the drive home I spotted a Loggerhead Shrike on a power line, and a 
flock of roughly 30 loons migrating overhead.

Nate Bacheler
Morhead City, NC