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Easter Birding

Yesterday I followed a song for a while that I didn't recognize.  I found
the bird singing it perched about 10' up, he didn't mind my watching from
close-by, bold little bird.  Thought he might be an Ovenbird at first with a
new song, saw a whitish eye stripe though and knew he was someone new to me.
I watched for a while and learned the song.  From books and CD's I learned
he was a Louisiana Waterthrush, I'd never seen one before (at least for

Later I was walking toward an area that was clear-cut last year and heard my
first Summer Tanager 'hic-cup' of the year.  After sitting for a while I
pulled the binoc's up to check a little gray bird but caught some yellow
movement in the edge of my view.  Focusing on that I saw a yellow bird with
a brownish cap, very yellow eye stripe that kept flicking his tail.  He kept
murmuring soft calls the whole time he was foraging around the ground.  I
had enough time to watch and study him, learn his calls, check the book and
watch some more.  He was my first Palm Warbler sighting, beautiful little
bird.  The next couple of hours I'd hear one singing and stalk toward it but
when I'd get close the bird was out of sight.  

Later while sitting I heard some movement in the leaf litter.  I looked
around and saw a large lizard, about 7" long, with a smaller one in his
grasp.  The larger one had a beautiful teal patch on his sides, metallic
looking.  He was frozen hoping I wouldn't see him, with the smaller one in
his jaw already dead.  Came across a snapping turtle in a puddle too, just
enough water in it to cover most of his body but the back of his shell and
his little eyes/nose were sticking up peeking at me. 

The Ovenbird's are back at our house, and Prairie Warbler and Northern
Parula's singing regularly.  This is a great time of year.

Take care, Craig