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Parkway bad news

>From the Asheville Citizen-Times this morning:

"An eight-mile stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed Thursday
after a couple of large boulders fell onto the scenic highway, blocking
one lane.

The rockslide forced the closing of the parkway between the Craggy
Gardens picnic area and Bull Gap, which is several miles north of the
Folk Art Center. Both Craggy Gardens and Mount Mitchell remained open,
but they are accessible only from the north. No one was hurt in the

The large rocks - one larger than a sport utility vehicle - crashed onto
the highway early Thursday morning when there was little traffic on the
road. They cracked a portion of the pavement and covered more than one
lane of the road.

The stretch of road could remain closed for up to a week..."

Of course this is where all the best birds will be this week ;-)

Tim Lewis & Lori Unruh
Weaverville, NC