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RE: Loud bird at Home Depot in Cary

It's a falcon tape they play to try and keep the pigeons away.  It's not really working :-)

Steve Shultz
Apex, NC

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Mike M. wrote:

>Has anyone heard / saw the ridiculously loud bird nesting in the sign at 
>front entrance of The Home Depot in Cary?  What kind of bird is it and what
>the heck is wrong with it?  It was so loud two days ago that folks were
>turning around and leaving the store.
>Mike McKeon
>Raleigh, NC

have you seen the bird Mike? any description at all??? Hope someone is 
looking into
this -- the first thing that pops into my mind when you talk about an 
obnoxiously loud bird
is Monk Parakeet !!!


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