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Magnolia Plantation blrdwalk

The following are highlights of the 3 hour Sunday morning birdwalk at
Magnolia Plantation at 3550 Ashley River Road ( highway 61 ) northwest of
Charleston, SC led by Perry Nugent at 8:30 am.  A fee is charged.  For more
information about this weekly birdwalk or other plantation features click on

June 15, 2003

46 species were seen and/or heard on a day when the smaller species were
silent and hard to find.  The most interesting species seen, many through a
20-60x spotting scope were;  30 Anhingas, 6 Least Bitterns, 30 Great Egrets,
20 Snowy Egrets, 10 Cattle Egrets, 60 little Blue Herons including some
second year birds on eggs, 8 Tri-colored Herons, 5 Green Herons, 12
Black-crowned Night Herons, 2 Yellow-crowned Night Herons all of the heron
species have easily seen babies, 100+ Wood Ducks many with babies, 1 Hooded
Merganser, 3 Mississippi Kites, 100 Common Moorhens many babies, 20+ least
Terns, 1 Hairy Woodpecker, 2 Eastern Kingbirds, 4 Parula Warblers, 1
Prothonotary Warbler, and 1 Orchard Oriole.

Perry E. Nugent
Charleston, SC