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Invitation to the Chatham County count

The North American Migration Count (Fall version) is set for Saturday 18 
September 1999.   For the basics of the count, see the Georgia 
Ornithological Society's website http://www.gos.org/namc.html .

If you enjoy identifying confusing fall warblers and even-more-confusing 
fall shorebirds, come join us for the 4th annual Chatham County (NC) 
count.  There are lots of great birding spots around Jordan Lake -- let me 
know what your favorite area is and I'll assign you to that, if it's still 
available.  Other parts of Chatham County are virtually unexplored for 
birding -- if you're the adventurous sort, you can try to find a new 
birding hotspot.

E-mail or call me to sign up.  There's no plan for a countdown, but if 
you'd like to organize one, let me know.

Charles W. "Will" Cook                w 919-660-7409
cwcook@duke.edu                 h 919-967-5446
Duke University Botany Dept., Durham, North Carolina